“I would definitely recommend Attaboy. The kids were very in tune with the band. It’s music that the kids like, and I think it got them connected. The message the band delivers is something that our kids need to hear from young people. They need to hear real life experiences like Attaboy shared today.” 
    Troy Merillat, Principal, Fairview HS

    “Attaboy was amazing! It was by far the most engaging, memorable and meaningful assembly we have had in a very long time. The students have been raving about it." 
    Nicole Baldner, Counselor, Windham Ashland Jewett Central School

    “I thought the message was something that the kids really needed to hear. I love the message of having the power to make your own decisions. For someone who is looking for the perfect group to bring for an assembly, it would be Attaboy.” 
    Lauren Hurtig, Teacher, Fairview HS

    “The band connected with our students like nothing we have had in the past. This was by far the best assembly I have seen in my 33 years of education.” 
    Gayle McRoberts, Principal, Pana HS

    “We have been having the same old STALE events year after year, but Attaboy did not disappoint. They have it all down to the right mix of good, straightforward advice the students can relate to and great music that kept them engaged. I cannot think of any way it could have been better." 
    Leigh Gould, PTA President, Frank Lloyd Wright Intermediate School

    “The message was great and the show was fantastic! Our students were clearly engaged and excited!! Thank you for a positive, current program that touched our students!” 
    Tammy Murphy-Flynn, Guidance Counselor, John Deere MS

    “Not only was their music high-quality, their original song lyrics were very relatable and well-received. The band members were genuine as they interacted with the audience, and the students appreciated their humor, honesty, talent, and transparency." 
    Bruce Jennings, Principal, Bremen HS

    “The students and staff really enjoyed the assembly and were very pleased with the experience. I heard SEVERAL times how having Attaboy was much better than other assemblies we've had in the past!" 
    Amber Maurice, Guidance Counselor, Triton Central MS


    “The music was great, and it was so much easier to relate to than other assemblies.” 
    Olivia, HS Student

    “It’s not often that you see a bunch of high school kids getting up and into an assembly.” 
    Joe, HS Student

    “I thought the message was very powerful. It was something new and refreshing.” 
    Ashley, HS Student

    “I thought it was really fun, and I really enjoyed it. Normally when you have school assemblies, they’re kind of boring, and the speakers tell you the same stuff over and over again. I think Attaboy brought a new story, and I was really into it.” 
    Laura, HS Student

    “One of my favorite assemblies.” 
    Jason, HS Student


    "Best assembly I've seen in 25 years of education."
    -Jeff Brown, Superintendent

    “Well worth the money.”
    -Scott Frederick, Principal

    “A great message for our kids.”
    -Buck Buchanan, Principal

    “Brought tons of energy.”
    -Brian Mohn, Principal

    “The kids really loved them.”
    -Brian Woods, Principal

    “The message was phenomenal.”
    -Michelle Agler, Assembly Coordinator

    “The band was a joy to work with.“
    -Sue Dangler, Assistant Principal